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The TransCAM (Trans - Autonomous Region of Madrid, in spanish Trans - Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid), or also Transmadrileña - -, is a circular cyclotraveling route for mountainbike which surrounds the hole Autonomous Region of Madrid to publicize the different landscapes that can be found in it. Differentiated landscapes and very different difficulties are found in the different cardinal points; for example, the Northwest is characterized by steep slopes and mountain passes, the South is plain and wild and the East is also plain but very industrialized.

The TransCAM strives to avoid roads with motorized traffic, although not bypass the characteristic towns of each area. It is divided into 12 stages with an average of 54 km of lenght and a difficulty classified as "medium-high" in each section. This division into stages is purely funtional and serves for puposes of the TransCAM organization, since each cyclist can and should create their own experience, and can complete it with the different cyclist radials that depart from the Green Cyclist Ring of Madrid and which open many possibilities for planning. It is advisable to realize the stops of the stages according to the interests of every one since there are many options to spend the night on different sections of each stage.

The 6 cyclist radials (RC or Radiales Ciclistas) that depart from the Green Cyclist Ring of Madrid and link with the TransCAM at different heights are mostly traditional paths that have been adapted to join the Green Cyclist Ring with the TransCAM. Thanks to these radials the TransCAM can be accessed from the same capital, or performed in sections, and can even prevent having to uso complicated combinations in means of transport. We can, for example, starting from the Green Cyclist Ring of Madrid make a strech of the TransCAM and return to the Cyclist Ring on another radial; or take the public transport to the TransCAM, make a stretch and return to the capital by a radial; you can even plan a vacation of cycling-toursim that is the complete TransCAM and ends in Madrid through a radial to make the compulsory visit to the capital.

The described routes have been selected, whenever possible, so that they are accessible to any cyclist with a minimum of preparation, offering where possible options of more difficulty for more expert cyclists and options of less difficulty for practitioners less prepared.

The TransCAM begins in the North of the Autonomous Region of Madrid and moves clockwise, following the direction of highways that leave from Madrid. Though, and obviously, the route can be started at any point or even be carried out by stages. Seeking greater difficulty and slope is recommended North, while the South offers sites with lower slopes.

We invite you to visit Madrid from a new perspective and enjoy the wide variety of landscapes and places, towns and mountains, plains and valleys that it offers us.

Welcome to the TransCAM.